Dating aids victims

AIDS stands for "acquired immune deficiency syndrome" or "acquired immunodeficiency syndrome" and denotes a condition, which results from the damage done by HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) to the immune system.

The condition was first identified in 1981 and the name "AIDS" was first introduced on July 27, 1982.

Here, you can have HIV chat, find HIV support groups, meet and date other HIV singles, and you will find that there will be easier for dating with HIV.

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The posttest counseling includes identical information as pretest counseling.

One example is an AIDS Memorial Quilt project, which allows friends and family members of a deceased AIDS sufferer to construct quilt panels, which are then exhibited throughout the United States.

World AIDS Day is a global observance and not a public holiday.

The researchers also asked about psychological and emotional abuse -- like being yelled at, threatened or called names.

Overall, almost 11 percent of boys said they'd been physically abused by a dating partner at least three times.