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Hi Jeff you seem to get about a lot what I meant about people not wearing plastic macs was people in general don't or any other type of mac either unfortunately doubt if they will ever come back in fashion still live in hope are you near Talgarth and the black mountain good to hear from you G said that not many people wear plastic macs when it rains. I mainly wear my see-through plastic mac or jacket when on holidays, Blackpool, Edinburgh, North Yorks Moors Railway, Derbyshire, Northumberland, Llangollen, Scilly Isles, Stratford-on Avon and many more places.Only a couple of weeks ago I could be seen walking in the rain near Abergavenny (not far from where I live) wearing my see-through plastic mac.Thanks, Jeff Hello G Ok I really will if you are sure they are great.If you like to hear more about unfolding macs and putting them on when it starts to rain then I can write some more about this because it happens quite a lot especially in the summer with sun and then all the showers and also thunder storms!When we were at logan gardens in Scotland a lady said she liked our macs and asked us where we got them and because Beths was brand new we could actually tell her.

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