Netflix screen updating your choices

Went through their goofy little excercise (using the arrows on your tv remote while in Netflix in this sequence: up, up, l/r, l/r, up, up, up ,up), signed out, signed back in (still same problem, signed out, unplugged the TV for 10 secs, signed back in, same problem. This changed the Netflix background start up banner from red to gray bar, but still got same message. TV is a Samsung UN40F6300AFXZA.worked straight away on my UHD55 7100 curved tv, nothing was working, Netflix, blinkbox, or amazon video, so defo the tv, this took minutes to end my hours of frustration, I doth my cap to thee my good man Hi I just read your post from Jan.2015 about changing DNS to fix netflix. My problem is 98% of the programs & movies play on my Netflix all except the one I've been watching.

No matter what I do, reboot, sign in sign out, on off, etc that one show will not play.

Tada your welcome now back to my Law and Order binge -26 yr old female so cal I've been having the same issue ever since I updated the firmware a few days ago.

You've got your suitcase packed, you remembered your toothbrush, and you have two too many pairs of shoes in your bag. If you haven't downloaded a few shows or movies from your favorite streaming video services, you certainly have.

I have an un55es7150 i did all the updates for the TV as well as Netflix, and it works great for a few weeks.Plus enjoy simple setup, simple content discovery and simple switching between inputs.I've been having the same issue ever since I updated the firmware a few days ago.Sometimes, your hours and hours of searching will have you falling back into the same areas of movies and TV shows.Believe it or not, there are actually secret codes that will unlock hidden categories and genres to give you more couch-sitting and binge-watching time.