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But if you find them useful or use them for commercial purposes, please consider donating.A universal network camera adapter for the Windows operating system.This kind of games not found, but you can play similar games listed bellow.Pocket DOF is dedicated to photographers who want to calculate the hyperfocal distance as well as the depth of field according to your configuration (camera, lens) from your WM device. The hyperfocal distance is used mostly on the field and represents, given a configuration, the distance from which everything will be sharp.This is where you can haggle for items such as T-shirts, sunglasses, watches, beach dresses, lamps, bags of all shapes and sizes, souvenirs and cosmetics.Don't make the mistake of eating before you come here as you'll want to sample everything from the countless food stands.You can also directly download the file to your desktop with the following links (e.g.

For example, with a 50mm/1.8 mounted on Nikon D40X three meters far from your subject, the DOF is 25cm.

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Download the application from the Market: IP Camera Adapter and the phone application are free.