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“I had an economic system imposed on me.” Hill isn’t the first entertainer to face the music.Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes was released from prison last month having served two years for tax evasion, despite earning a reported m (£24m) between 19.We've pulled together an edit of the best and worst celebrity wedding guest outfits to inspire and help you avoid any mistakes.While some get it very right, others struggle to find an outfit that works.But rather than attempting to tackle the problem, she laid the blame for her financial situation on slavery.“I am a child of former slaves who had a system imposed on them,” Hill said at her court hearing last week.To see the full list of images I do have then see the special offer here.

As well as deciding on the perfect wedding hairstyle, and which beauty look to rock, you must find a perfect outfit which will make you feel comfortable all day but will also look chic.

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With famous parents and high-achieving alumni, London’s non-selective “super states” are a far cry from Vine’s description of Hammersmith and West London Comprehensive in the Eighties, “where being able to spell your own name was considered a mark of genius”.

They are the leading schools named by Tatler in its first-ever state-schools guide last year — the publication of which demonstrated better than anything the blossoming love affair between the middle classes and state education.